Air Compressor & Pipework Installations

Your air compressor is only as good as the installation. Trust Air Services expert team of air compressor installers to deliver a top-quality air compressor installation to improve efficiency and save money


Air Compressor Installations

Air Compressors systems are rarely just a simple swap out of a compressor and connecting with your existing pipework systems. Often to ensure you get the maximum efficiency and productivity out of your new compressor modifications will be required.

Air Services Have engineers that hold safety passports - MPQC for Mines and Quarries, CSCS Licence, IPAF Licences and qualified Pressure Systems examiners "competent person".

Air Services are experts in offering your business the right advice when it comes to air compressors and can provide any modifications your system may require including:

New pipe work

Installation of new controls or control systems

Other plant movements

We also understand that your need may change over time. Air Services will be on hand to deliver support and advice ensuring you have the right solution as your demands change.

Our Expert Team of Air Compressor Engineers Can Provide a Fully Comprehensive Installation Service Including:

Compressed Air



Cooling Water Systems

Chilled Water Systems

Compressor Controls


Heat Recovery

Refrigeration, Desiccant, Point of Use Dryers, Filters & Condensate Treatment Systems

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